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RS&R News, owned by Asay Media Network, is a site targeted specifically to buyers of office machines, business equipment, supplies and services. We target three main categories: copiers, printers, supplies and related products. Several new features have been added to the site to make your experience more enjoyable, and productive. Among the features:

Targeted Keywords
We searched the popular video site YouTube™ with a large variety of keywords. We then matched those keywords with related videos. Click on any keyword and you will go to a page that features the best matching keywords and videos we could find that relate to our targeted customers profile.

You can also find certain keywords on three of our other targeted sites:
Thecopiernetwork.com - targeted to ISO's, techinicians and service managers
Theprinternetwork.com - targeted to printer dealers, resellers and printer consumable retailers
Recyclersforum.com - targeted to rechargers, toner manufactures and resellers and inkjet dealers

Move your cursor over the videos you're interested in to see their titles. Click on, and watch as many videos as you like -- it's free. Hit your refresh button to choose from a different selection of videos. We are not in control of the videos that come up when you click on keywords, nor did we produce, or do we own any of the videos shown.

RSS Feeds
RSS Feeds are uploaded content from news headlines, blog entries, etc. that are published on the web and submitted through the RSS Feeds system. They are always changing, and we have no control over the content except by submitting keywords.

Video Advertising Opportunities

If you have produced a video that you would like us to feature on one of our targeted websites, please contact one of your advertising sales representatives below:

Larry Jackson
Vice President, Sales
Telephone: (800) 947-0210
(417) 781-9317 ext. 210
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